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American Athletic is unsurpassed as 9X National Award recipient for “Excellence in Sports Facility Construction”

American Athletic is the ONLY premiere, certified sports builder who does all four components of building long lasting running tracks:

  • Drainage
  • Base construction
  • Laser asphalt paving
  • Polyurethane surfacing.

Quality, performance and safety matters when it comes to building long lasting track and turf fields. You can’t afford to settle for mediocre.

Why You Should Be Intolerant of Poor Tolerance

kinseyassociates-1“We chose AACI to work on 3 different running track and sports construction projects. In all instances AACI’s work ranks as the BEST example in sports construction I have ever witnessed in my 33 years in this industry.”

John Bell, PE
President, Kinsey Associations,
Park & Recreation Consultants

Sports CompanyUpon final inspection of Bucknell University’s new asphalt pavement for their 2012 running track project, Geoff Daley exclaimed: “In 20+ years of synthetic track surfacing, I have not seen asphalt paved to that precision and consistency.”

Geoff Daley, CTB
Chief Estimator and Director of Quality Assurance

“We have worked with many contractors who have built running tracks. Without hesitation we recommend American Athletic.

They are on the cutting edge of using the latest technology systems. They carefully evaluate and train their crew. Their philosophy is to get the work completed properly the first time.”

Albert Brennan, Brooks Consulting


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