What is Co-Op or Shared Services Purchasing?

Co-Op or Shared Services Purchasing are methods of purchasing/purchasing networks that undergo a public bid process, providing a standard price structure with published rates for members to utilize, thereby omitting the standard public bid process for individual projects. Because the pricing has undergone a public bid process already, you can be certain to get fair market pricing. Some co-op’s work across multiple states with built in price adjustments to ensure competitive pricing for your state. Membership in any co-op is voluntary and entirely free of charge. One of the co-op purchasing programs we are a part of is the Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN) – more information on those can be found below. If you know of a co-op/shared services purchasing program in your area that we haven’t listed, please ask about it! We may be in it and, if not, we’ll look into it immediately!

Why Choose American Athletic for Your Co-Op Programs?

American Athletic is the only member of the KPN network who has both certified track builders and certified field builders.

Confidence and Trust:

We offer the best and most innovative warranties in the industry, lasting up to 15 years.

We have won numerous national awards for excellence in sports facility construction.

We are the leading innovators in sports facility construction since 1982.

Expert Guidance:

With a co-op purchase through American Athletic you have a dedicated, experienced project administrator who takes responsibility for guiding you through the entire construction process.

Faster Service, Immediate Response:

American Athletic is a local company which means we can service your needs faster.

Highest Quality:

American Athletic is the only approved certified track and field builders who do all our own construction site work. We are vertically integrated and do the earthwork/stonework, drainage, paving, and surfacing ourselves. While many other sports facility builders will do one, two, or even three of those items - subcontracting out even one of those will leave your facility's construction open to quality control issues that American Athletic prides itself on it’s absence of.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q) How do I join the co-op?
    A) Call your dedicated account rep for PA, Dennis O’Donnell, or NJ, Danny Russell, at American Athletic. Phone: (609) 859-1414
  • Q) Who qualifies for a co-op?
    A) Any school or municipality can join for free.
  • Q) What products does American Athletic provide through co-op’s?
    A) Beynon, California Products, FieldTurf, Nova Sports USA, and full site construction

How to Get Started: No Cost, No Obligation

Our team at American Athletic will provide you co-op pricing alternatives, expert consultation, and evaluation for your product free of charge and of the highest possible quality.