Laser Use and Technology in the Construction Industry

The 1 Missing Tool That Guarantees Precision in Running Track ConstructionAs you know, laser technology breakthroughs have become very important in almost every aspect of society. The construction industry is no different. We became aware of laser equipment and its utilization for sports facility construction in the 1990s and began using this technology immediately to help us build various sports facility construction projects we were involved with at the time. Today it is possible to utilize laser technology on almost every single component of sub‐structure and surface construction.

Lasers can be used for:

  • Storm Drainage
  • Stone Base Construction
  • Asphalt Pavemt. Construction
  • E‐layer
  • Synthetic Surface Installation


Prior to laser technology, most projects were installed utilizing a simple surveying level where elevations were placed on grade stakes. Quality control was performed with rulers and string lines and was compromised due to sagging lines, wind issues, operator or human error, and other factors. Today when lasers are properly used, the errors of the past are not a factor and all construction components can be installed to a very tight tolerance. You only have to look at the older sports fields, tennis courts or running tracks to see evidence of humps, bumps, valleys and every other imperfection to realize that they were not built with lasers.

There’s no excuse to not use laser technology

The 1 Missing Tool That Guarantees Precision in Running Track  Construction

With the availability of laser technology and techniques, there is no reason for you, an owner, to not receive a facility where every component has been installed using some degree of laser technology resulting in tolerances that are much tighter than previously expected. The good news is that it doesn’t add any cost to your project!


Owners are in the driver’s seat – Insist on the use of lasers!

  1. Make sure your designer/architect specifies the use of lasers in the building plans
  2. Be sure to hire a builder who is experienced with the use of laser technology
  3. Lasers Eliminate Human Error and Imperfections
  4. Lasers Provide exceptionally tight tolerances
  5. Lasers can be used for all SUBSTRUCTURE work
  6. Lasers give more control and precision
  7. Laser use DOES NOT COST ANY MORE!!!
  8. Laser use creates maximum value, performance, safety and longevity

Q: Have you been involved in a project where you’ve gotten to see firsthand laser controlled equipment in action? I would enjoy hearing your comments.

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